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Jackie regurally performs on her own accompanying herself with the guitar she built and a small stompbox. Jackie plays a range of popular music from the 60's to current classics. Jackie spent 6 months touring with Sinead O'Connor playing rhythm guitar and providing backing vocals until the pandemic brought this to an end.


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The Sweet Beats are Jackie Rainey (Guitar & vocals) Emma Rea (percussion & vocals) and Eilís Phillips (Bass & Vocals). Eilís is currently studying at University in England and returns to perform with The Sweet Beats during holidays and for one off events (weddings etc.).


Emma Rea comes from a brilliant musical lineage, noted for her impressive skiffle style she compliments Jackie's rhythmic guitar. Hong Kong native and global nomad, Eilís's funky bass riffs are legendry, an artist with many bows to her arrow and an extensive perfoming history. Check out Eilís's superb original music here.

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Acoustic Soul has had many incarnations over the years all having the common theme of providing quality live music. Acoustic Soul is currenty made up of Jackie Rainey & Davy Watson. Davy is a highly experenced multi-talented musician with excellent bass, guitar, vocal and writing skills, check out his own music here. Acoustic Soul can be found performing in The Cloth Ear every Thursday night 8pm-10pm.






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